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    Forum » Java Programming » Expositions » Java Exposition
    Java Exposition
    SebDate: Monday, 03.24.2014, 10:22 AM | Message # 1
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    Here is an exposition I wrote myself:

    JavaProgramming Language is better Than C# (C Sharp) Programming Language
    By Sebastian Agius
    Is Java
    Better Than, C#? What’s the difference they make? Java has way simpler ways to program
    than C#, the possibilities with Java is endless, and is easier to use, C# is
    just a waste of time, and you have to program it again for each platform.
    Globally we know that Java is more useful and is better to use.
     Firstly, with the Java Programming Language, you can createmany things easily, especially frames in java (it is called a JFrame in Java
    Programming Language). Especially with oracles’ Netbeans IDE you can create a frame (Window) in five seconds and drag and dropbuttons, lists, ETC. And it is easy to manage Events by right clicking you can
    choose the Events you want each thing to do from the methods, you have created!

    the possibilities with Java are Endless, and it has easy imports from the
    original Java Code, and you can add libraries Jar Files and import their code
    into your project for making things such as plug-ins. Like the popular Game Minecraft, it is made with Java, and seeingthat the developers’ potential shows you and us that Java has Unlimited
    Possibilities. Many games are made with Java, and you know what I want, and you
    want, Java to be on Apple Devices, such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, ETC. That
    will let the game developers of Java games to reach their full potential and
    make their game the exact same as their PC Version.
    there is one bad thing, which is annoying to C# users, whenever you create a
    windows game for example you have to program it again for another platformer,
    such as Mac, but in a different way. Say You want to make a game on xBox,
    PlayStation, and Windows and Mac, the same game, you would have to program it 4
    times, and if you want it on both PS3 and PS4, xBox360 and xBox1, you would
    need to program it 6 times, (Including Mac and Windows.) and with the Mac, and
    windows, you can’t really allocate as much memory, so that’s another change.
    Summing up
    all this great stuff about Java and the crazy stuff about C# I and you should
    both agree that Java is much better at many things than the time wasting C#!!!
    Copy Write
    Terms, Do not Copy Write!
    Published to

    Or Download it...
    Attachments: Java_Programmin.pdf(376.0 Kb)
    Forum » Java Programming » Expositions » Java Exposition
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